January 2011

Quarterly Issue : 1/2011


The International Business Center... IBC is approaching its 25th Anniversary this year. Breakthrough advancements have taken place throughout the IBC Group in the past years so we feel that the time is now right for even more change! To reflect the practical needs of existing and potential clients of IBC in the ever-evolving global business world our newsletter will be transformed to be more attractive as a valuable source of information for all our clients and business partners.

Hong Kong is THE gateway to Mainland China so that the many benefits to be derived from establishing a company in Hong Kong can be optimised with the help of IBC Group services for effective and professional support of your business.

We are beginning the first Newsletter issue of this New Year with a profile of Hong Kong together with some identified business opportunities chosen by industry category and have added some useful points to note when doing business in Hong Kong. We also explore why you need to set up a company in Hong Kong when transacting business in China and describe other professional services that we offer as part of being a long established International Business Center.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the PR China is a very competitive metropolis that is recognised as one of the freest economies in the world for the past 15 years. The city of Hong Kong was rated globally the 3rd easiest place to do business in 2010 while as the largest trading economy and the largest exporter of commercial services Hong Kong is ranked 11th globally.

(Source of information:British Consulate-General Hong Kong)

Hong Kong is well known as being the “Pearl of the Orient” because of its geographical position on the Pearl River Delta and its hub status in relation to China and the APAC region. It is now one of the most affluent Chinese cities having progressed in line with the strong economic growth and development of the Chinese Mainland. Business opportunities in Hong Kong, the Mainland and the Region abound and we use the following sectors as examples:

1.Financial & Professional Services

It is Hong Kong SAR Government and Mainland Government policy to maintain Hong Kong as a leading international finance centre.  Hong Kong is currently ranked 3rd only behind London and New York and is recognised as particularly strong in insurance, banking, and asset management. The Stock Exchange business and the Hang Seng Index are seen as global economic performance indicators The banking, and financial services sector was well secured by the Hong Kong Government during the financial crisis of 2008 – 2010 and suffered minimal effect.

2.Construction & Engineering

Over the next decade, the Hong Kong SAR Government has committed USD34 billion for new urban infrastructure to stimulate the economy. 

3.Education & Training

The Hong Kong SAR Government invests heavily in education which is an area that enjoys the largest single share of any public spending amounting to USD7 billion in 2009 – 2010. 

(Source of information: UK Trade & Investment of British Embassies)











Hong Kong is recognised as an easy place to do business because of the strong rule of law, openness, transparent Government and free flow of information with a free press and media benefitting from freedom of speech.  English, Cantonese and Mandarin are widely used in the business world which makes Hong Kong a natural springboard to Mainland China and the Asia Pacific region.

The 4 traditional pillars of the economy are trade & logistics, financial services, tourism, and professional services.  The Hong Kong SAR Government is now also promoting 6 new pillars of the economy, covering medical services, education services, testing & certification, innovation & technology, creative industries, and environmental technology.

The HK Basic Law is founded on English law with the legal and judicial systems administered by an independent judiciary. 

(Source of Information: UK Trade & Investment of British Embassies)





Why you need to establish a Company in Hong Kong when doing Business in Mainland China

Setting up a company in Hong Kong while transacting business in Mainland China maximises corporate benefits under the “One Country, Two Systems” mechanism between Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland.  You can simultaneously enjoy both the business advantages of being based in Hong Kong with easy access to the developing Mainland Chinese business world.

Hong Kong is the major business transportation & logistics hub linking China with the rest of Asia, Europe and the Americas.  It is easy to get to every global market from Hong Kong which also boasts the availability of all necessary expertise for entering the China market.

The introduction of RMB Bond issuance in Hong Kong and the city’s role in being an RMB Offshore Clearing Centre provide an additional and unique financial facility to cement its place as the third largest financial center after New York and London.

(Source of information: InvestHK, Threadneedle, UK Trade & Investment of British Embassies)












As a long established business center we provide information and support to our clients for matters related to all of the above mentioned topics.  As our core business we offer business center facilities on very flexible term leases for a wide choice of fully serviced offices. In addition we provide Business Identity Programmes (BIP) to cater for the needs of those companies or individuals who simply require a virtual office.  With support from the 14 IBC (International Business Center) Group Companies we are also able to render a comprehensive range of professional services:

  • All Accountancy Services
  • Secretarial services
  • Business Plans / Marketing Plans
  • Franchise Building & Development
  • Brand Building & Development
  • Marketing Services / Event Management
  • Profitability Consultancy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Organisation & Methods
  • Operating Procedure Manuals
  • Due Diligence
  • Internal Control Review
  • Website Building & Maintenance
  • Short Video Production
  • 2D & 3D Media Design Services
  • Data protection and Storage

Should you need to know anything more about Hong Kong and our International Business Center, please contact us at our website.  Alternatively you are always welcome to call us at +852 2268 6888 (Hong Kong is GMT +8:00 hours).

Community Service.

International Business Center has been an active participant in community events over the past 25 years.

Apart from our participation in the famed Hong Kong Dragon Boat races we are particularly proud that on 27th – 28th of November, 2010, we sponsored and took part in the charity activity “Rehab Power Grow Go Goal” for the disabled held at the Victoria Park.

On 2nd – 4th of December, 2010 we participated in the World SME Expo 2010 in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre at to show our support to the organiser on the one hand.  We carry on letting our corporate identity be present at the public activities on the other hand.



















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